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Pre-Interview Interview Post-Interview


Interview Tips


  • Preparation and confidence are the key to a successful interview. Good preparation always creates confidence. Visit the company's website and learn something about the company before you attend your interview.
  • Confirm about the time, date and location of the interview and name of interviewee where appropriate.
  • Always be on time at the particular location of interview. Plan to get there no earlier than half an hour before the interview time.
  • Eye contact is showing your confidence.
  • Don’t interrupt to interviewer when he/she is talking. Give him/her full chance to talk.
  • Speak slowly and concisely. Don’t talk too much. Completely listen to the question before answering. Keep your answers to two to three minutes at the most. When you limit your time, you tend to stay more focused. It is very easy to stray off the subject and ramble about things irrelevant to the job if your answer is too long.
  • During interview always be enthusiastic. Do not say bad points for the previous employers. Focus on positive achievements and views.
  • Highlight your specific achievements crisply and briefly.
  • At the end, always have some questions for the interviewer. Some examples are:
    What will a typical day be for this job?
    What would be my first priorities on the job?
    What will be my first project?
  • Before leaving get the email and contact information of the interviewer so that you can send a follow up thank you note.

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Pre-Interview Interview Post-Interview


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